Generating prospects & opportunities throughout the US and globally
We are geologists, engineers
& landmen
with extensive experience in
major US shale plays
We understand unconventional plays with efficient and cost effective entry opportunities
  • acquisition

    We generate prospects and identify and acquire oil & gas acreage leasehold positions throughout US and international unconventional plays.
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    Our team of industry veterans conducts geological, geophysical, petrophysical and engineeering studies for each project and acreage position we identify.
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  • First moveR

    We carefully watch and analyze for first movers opportunities and can quickly target acreage in the right plays and with the right exit strategy.
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    Horizontal drilling, multi-stage hydro-fracturing and recent enhanced completion technology triggered a game change in the industry.
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MSF with enhanced completions using new proppant intense techniques

Multi-stage fracturing (MSF) technology has allowed the economic extraction of substantial reserves from shale and other tight rock formations, and along with enhanced completions, has expanded the boundaries of many plays.

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Where we focus: The Eagle Ford and
New Austin Chalk Play

EXOR is currently focused in the Eagle Ford and Austin Chalk in South Texas. The previously unreachable matrix rock of the Austin Chalk can now be exploited with modern drilling and completion technology, making it an Unconventional Play with proven and repeatable results as good or better than the Eagle Ford.


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